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Top 5 Adds 2/3/2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.32.04 PM

This week we had some great EP’s come into the station. Halsey, Panic is Perfect, and Sylvia Yacoub are infused with pop-electronic sounds that make you want to sing along. All have their differences though. Halsey, similar to Chvrches and Ellie Goulding, adds rap/hip-hop elements to her music, which helps her stand out from the other electronic-pop female artists. Panic is Perfect, similar to Phoenix, has an indie rock feel with a joyous, upbeat vibe. Sylvia Yacoub, a contestant on The Voice, has a strong soulful voice that can make anyone’s head bop during the upbeat songs on the album. Number Station and Chadwick Stokes are our indie rock music for the week. Number Station has more of a pop-vibe with their driving bass lines and unison “hey’s.” Chadwick Stokes, who’s album was produced by Sam Beam of Iron & Wine, has a great folk-rock sound that has similarity to Iron & Wine as well as Frontier Ruckus.

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Top 30 2/3/2015

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As expected Oh Honey has risen to the top of our charts with Manchester Orchestra and Dolly Spartans, our last leader in the charts, are following closely behind. Newcomers Light Club and Brevet have shot up in the charts making a big impression right away. Newly added to our Top 30 is Marilyn Manson and Night Terrors of 1927. With a couple of our DJ’s being into rock and Night Terrors of 1927’s EP being a big hit last semester, I expect these two to rise high in our charts next week.

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Top 5 Adds 1/26/2015

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We were super excited to receive Doomtree’s new album especially with him being based out of Minneapolis! As expected his album is full of catchy songs and sick beats. S. Carey, the drummer and supporting vocalist of Bon Iver has released his second EP that is so chill it could soothe a crying baby. Milo Greene rightfully finds their place in our Top 5 adds with their dance-pop sound that could make anyone smile and feel good. The Good Mad is our folk album of the week with tight harmonies and hints of the Lumineers and the Head and the Heart in their sound. Last but not least we have All We Are who comes from the same label as Panda Bear and has a great psychedelic rock/pop feel.

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Top 30 1/26/2015

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2015 has given us some amazing records already in our first week of charting! Some of my top favorites include the Decemberists, Panda Bear, and Until the Ribbon breaks. It’s exciting to get an EP in the fall and in the spring receive a full album! So far newcomers Brevet have made a great impression on our DJ’s and have seen a lot of airplay. They will for sure be moving up next week as well as Oh Honey who will be vying for the top spot on our chart (see the previous post for a voicemail they left us).

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Thank You From Oh Honey!

Came into the station this morning and saw that we had a voicemail. To my surprise, it was the Oh Honey’s saying thank you for putting them on our Top 30 charts! Listen to it below and keep tuning in to 1500AM or our live stream to hear more of the Oh Honey’s catchy album titled Sincerely Yours!




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New Semester! Spring 2015

We are super excited to be starting up a new semester here at KMSC. We will be doing our first chart on January 26th and are super excited to see what amazing music this year has in store for us! I personally am super excited for a new Brandi Carlile album as well as Father John Misty’s new album! Our DJ’s are slowly, but surely getting back into the swing of things and I’ve seen a couple DJ’s already pop their heads in at the station here. If you would like to join in and become a DJ feel free to fill out the application form and bring it to the station! We will have an all DJ meeting here in a week or so and will post the information when it is ready!


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