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The Flipside Interviews New Direction Fest

For the upcoming New Direction Fest, KMSC’s one and only, “The Flipside” will be interviewing some of the bands performing at the new direction fest, as well as people who are involved. Come check them out on Mondays at 6:30p ct on KMSC Dragon Radio.

You can listen to them at 1500am or on the web at

Facebook Events for more information:

The Flipside x Dreamer’s Disease (Jan 22nd)
The Flipside x Ryan Hoffart (Jan 29th)

The Flipside x Crab Legs (Feb 5th)

The Flipside x Free Truman (Feb 12th)

The Flipside x Jack Stenerson (Feb 19th)

Also check out The Flipside! Mondays from 6:30p-8:30p! Only on KMSC 1500 AM Dragon Radio!

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Technical Difficulties

KMSC is currently having some technical difficulties with our phone and hope to fix it by next week.

As we fix this, if you are a label looking for tracking, feel free to email us at

If for other inquiries, email us as


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KMSC Interviews the Kawa Tatsu Yosakoi Dance Group

The purpose of the Kawa Tatsu Yosakoi Dance organization is to learn and choreograph our own Yosakoi routines, or, with the permission of other groups, learn their routines. We shall then share what we have learned with others through dance performances on campus, at cultural events, or through workshops at conventions and cultural events. (From Dragon Central).

KMSC is proud to be interviewing the Kawa Tatsu Yosakoi Dance Organization as well as explore the realms of this fascinating traditional dance from the far east. YOSAKOI YOSAKOI YOSAKOI!


You can check it out on, on the dial at 1500am or Dragon Channel 97.5 and 98.1 in the residence halls of MSUM.

Visit our Facebook Event Page for more information and to post your questions for the Yosakoi group on the discussion section of our event page.


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KMSC Interviews Mega Ran

Mega Ran, former Nerdcore Rapper, will be interviewed by our KMSC Music Director Cha Vang (Film Production Major). the interview will be on Thursday, February 1st at 4pm ct.

Once a former Middle School Teacher, Mega Ran blends education, hip hop and gaming in many new ways. He’s competed in the Scribble Jam emcee battle championships and is the only rapper to be licensed by Capcom (Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil). His music has also been featured on ESPN, 20/20, Portlandia and WWE. He is also the first rapper to perform at ComicCon and toured with people like Common, Homeboy Sandman, MC Lars and more!
Mega Ran displays a passion for not only music and education, but nerd culture through his music, becoming one of the major pioneers in the Nerdcore genre today.
He will be performing in Minneapolis on February 9th at the Icehouse and KMSC is happy to be interviewing such a wonderful emcee!


Listen on, on the dial at 1500 am, or Dragon Channel 97.5 and 98.1 in the residence halls of MSUM.

Visit our Facebook event page for more information and to post your questions for Mega Ran on the discussion section of our event page.

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KMSC Top 30! [1/16/18]

  1. Kelela: Take Me Apart (R&B)
  2. Seaway: Vacation (Pop-Punk)
  3. Gorillaz: Humanz (Hip Hop/Rap)
  4. Air Traffice Controller: Echo Papa (Indie Rock)
  5. BTS: You Never Walk Alone (K-Pop)
  6. King Krule: The Ooz (Indie Rock)
  7. Bully: Losing (Indie Rock)
  8. Poppy: Poppy.Computer (Pop)
  9. Joji: In Tongues (R&B)
  10. Wolf Parade: Cry Cry Cry (Indie Rock)
  11. Mister Heavenly: Boxing the Moonlight (Indie Rock)
  12. Julien Baker: Turn Out The Lights
  13. Anja Kotar: Nomad (Synth-Pop)
  14. Xiu Xiu: Forget (Art-Pop)
  15. Tera Mellos: Trash Generator (Punk)
  16. Silent Rival: The Kindness of Strangers (Alt-Rock)
  17. Alvvays: Antisocialities (Indie Rock)
  18. Makthaverskan: III (Indie Rock)
  19. Iron & Wine: Beast Epic (Indie Folk)
  20. Beach Fossils: Somersault (Indie Rock)
  21. The National: Sleep Well Beast (Indie Rock)
  22. The Veldt: Thanks To the Moth & Areanna Rose (Alt-Rock)
  23. Lime Cordiale: Permanent Vacation (Indie Rock)
  24. Fever Ray: Plunge (Art-Pop)
  25. LostDogConstellation: Log Dog Constellation (Indie Folk)
  26. Converge: The Dusk In Us (Metal)
  27. Bjork: Utopia (Art-Pop)
  28. Diamante Electrico: Diamante Electro EP (Rock)
  29. StonerPop: Physical Business (Art-Pop)
  30. Michelle Wake: To Dissappear (Pop)

!Top 5 Adds!

  1. Mudhoney: LiE (Punk)
  2. Typhoon: Offerings (Indie Folk)
  3. Sufis: After Hours (Indie Rock)
  4. Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue: Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue (R&B)
  5. Born Animal: Celebration Revolution (Indie Rock)

!New and Notables!

  1. The Mackrosoft: Mackister Ludi, The Glass Weed Game (Hip Hop/Rap)
  2. Kohli Calhoun: Take Me Away (Art-Pop)
  3. Virtual Self: Virtual Self (Electronic)
  4. St. Vincent: MASSEDUCATION (Art-Pop)
  5. Petit Biscuit: Presence (Electronic)

!Hip Hop Top 10!

  1. Shredders: Dangerous Jumps
  2. iLLism: Love & Loyalty
  3. The Flavr Blue: Blue Dream
  4. ChanHays: Here
  5. Young RJ: Blaq RoyalT
  6. BingX: My E.G.O.
  7. Ezri: Be Right Back
  8. TOKiMONSTA: Lune Rogue
  9. Dessa: Fire Drills (Single)
  10. Evidence: Jim Dean & 10,000 Hours (Single)
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KMSC Back On Air

KMSC is back from hibernation! We will have a slow start but hope to bring things back up in about a week or two! Hope you all had a wonderful break and I hope the best of luck to everyone for this coming semester!

If you are interested in becoming a DJ please fill out an application which you can find on our website (, we would love to have you for this spring semester!

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