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KMSC is a student organization that has been set up to run as a Non-profit Educational radio station. KMSC is a volunteer student staffed station that is open to all students, faculty and staff at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity for students to broadcast to the campus music of a “college” genre. KMSC also broadcasts campus news, campus events, local events and local news during our live broadcasting hours. On-air programming includes a wide variety of genres including: pop, rock, folk, techno, jazz, hip-hop, classical and ethnic music.

KMSC provides real life experience to mass communication and music industry majors, and provides lab space needed for specific classes within these majors. KMSC also collaborates with other student organizations and participates in campus-wide events. Through participation with student organizations and other individuals, cultural programming is produced and presented on-air and on our website.

KMSC can be heard over the air, on the internet, on the P.A. in the CMU, and in the Dorms on the Dragon Channel 98.1.

  • KMSC LOVES to take requests

    Give us a call at 218-477-2115 or drop us an instant message on MSN messenger: