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Top 5 Adds 10/6/2014

1. Zola Jesus- Taiga

2. Caribou- Our Love

3. Wilhelm Tell Me- A Short Story For The Road

4. Broods- Evergreen

5. Flying Lotus- You’re Dead

We received some great adds in this week. One of my personal favorites is the new Broods album. Very similar to Lorde and Lana Del Rey with strong female vocals mixed with electronic sounds underneath. A Top 30 appearance next week is definitely expected. Caribou and Flying Lotus both with their fifth album have created a name for themselves and these albums prove why they’ve gained success. All five albums have great potential to joining our Top 30 next week! We’re super excited about all of these bands!

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Top 30 10/6/2014

1. Kimbra- The Golden Echo

2. Tennis- Ritual In Repeat

3. Go Back To The Zoo- Zoo

4. La Roux- Trouble in Paradise

5. The Growlers- Chinese Fountain

6. Pale Hands- Spirit Lines

7. Black Taxi- Electroshock Death Grip

8. Garden City Movement- Entertainment/ Bengali Cinema

9. Tiny Victories- Haunts

10. Grace Weber- Refinery

11. The Orwells- Disgraceland

12. Yael Meyer- Warrior Heart

13. Lykke Li- I Never Learn

14. Zella Day- Zella Day

15. Curtis Harding- Soul Power

16. Yelle- Completement Fou

17. Chromeo- White Women

18. Cobalt Cranes- Days in the Sun

19. Aroara- In The Pines

20. Ty Segall- Manipulator

21. Ryan Adams- Ryan Adams

22. Allah Las- Worship The Sun

23. The Drums- Encyclopedia

24. The Left Ready- The Left Ready

25. Simian Ghost- Youth

26. Royal Blood- Royal Blood

27. La Sera- Hour of the Dawn

28. Lotus Effect- Totality

29. King Tuff- Black Moon Spell

30. S – Cool Choices


This week we had to say goodbye to some of our bigger named artists that were previously on our Top 30 such as Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, and Atmosphere. However, we added some great new artists to fill their roles such as Yelle, an electronic French artist, King Tuff, a popular alternative rock band, and The Left Ready a new indie rock band with a bright future ahead of them.

Moving up the list this week we have Go Back to the Zoo who were a top 5 add two weeks ago. Their indie pop rock sound immediately caught our DJ’s attention. Grace Weber, one of our favorites at the station has also moved up chart this week. We had the pleasure of interviewing her this morning and will be posting up a podcast of the interview in the next couple of days. Also moving up we have Pale Hands who have recently become a hit with our DJ’s here at KMSC. What’s not to like about dreamy female vocals over melodic electronic sounds and beats?

Keeping a steady presence on our chart is are two of CMJ’s favorites Ryan Adams and Ty Segall. It’s no surprise to see these two coming out, yet again, with a solid album. Also staying steady at the top of our charts we see Black Taxi and Tennis. I predict these two artists will be staying up at the top for awhile!

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Top 5 Adds 9/30/2014

1. The Left Ready- The Left Ready

2. The Barr Brothers- Sleeping Operator

3. Christina Holmes- Peace, Love, and C. Holmes

4. S- Cool Choices

5. Lotus Effect- Totality

This top 5 adds encompasses various genres including: folk, indie rock, alternative rock, and punk rock. Both the Left Ready and Lotus Effect were self-released albums with great potential to joining our Top 30 next week.

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Top 30 9/30/2014

1. Coldplay- Ghost Stories

2. Lana Del Rey- Ultraviolence

3. Arctic Monkeys- Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High

4. Atmosphere- Southsiders

5. Lykke Li- I Never Learn

6. Party Gardens- Dance Flora

7. The Orwells- Disgraceland

8. Chromeo- White Women

9. Tennis- Ritual In Repeat

10. Black Taxi- Electroshock Death Grip

11. La Roux- Trouble in Paradise

12. Cobalt Cranes- Days in the Sun

13. The Growlers- Chinese Fountain

14. Allah Las- Worship The Sun

15. Yael Meyer- Warrior Heart

16. Kimbra- The Golden Echo

17. Curtis Harding- Soul Power

18. Tiny Victories- Haunts

19. Garden City Movement- Entertainment/ Bengali Cinema

20. Go Back To The Zoo- Zoo

21. Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams

22. Ty Segall- Manipulator

23. Various- The Fault In Our Stars

24. The Drums- Encyclopedia

25. Grace Weber- The Refinery

26. Simian Ghost- Youth

27. Royal Blood- Royal Blood

28. La Sera- Hour of the Dawn

29. Pale Hands- Spirit Lines

30. Bass Drum of Death – Rip This


Cobalt Cranes, who were a top 5 add for us last week were added this week to the Top 30. They received a good amount of plays last week from our DJ’s, which bumped them to be in the middle top of the list this week. Grace Weber, another top 5 add from the week prior, will be on the air soon for an interview this coming week. Her soulful voice is what sparked our DJ’s ears and put her in the Top 30 this week. The Coldplay album and Lana Del Rey’s album have been getting some great spins at the station with the Arctic Monkeys and Atmosphere following close behind. Also new to our Top 30 this week is Ryan Adams new album. He’s been a popular artist for years on college radio stations. Keep your eye on him this next week as I predict this album will be moving up in our Top 30 next week!


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Still Accepting New DJs / AfterDark App-Lympics

Hey everyone! If you are still interested in becoming a DJ at KMSC, we still have openings! Just go ahead and click Become a DJ on the right, print out the application, fill it out, attach a class schedule, and slide it under the door in CMU 109. Apply now, because show space is filling up fast.

We are also hosting a game at After Dark’s App-Lympics tomorrow night in the CMU Ballroom at 9:30 pm. We’ll be doing a sort of name that tune type of game. Feel free to stop by and say hi to us there.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by during office hours, or email us at

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Welcome Back Dragons!

And Welcome New Dragons! KMSC hopes you all had a great summer and you are having a great first day. We are looking for new DJ’s for this year as well as Heads of Staff and a Station Manager. If you are interested please fill out our Application here. And drop it off at the KMSC offices in CMU 109. (Just slide it under the door if no one is around)
If you are interested in the Station Manager Job please contact our advisor at #477-2233 or via email at

Glad to have you all back on campus. Go Dragons!

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