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Spring Break

MSUM students, have fun on your spring break! Many shows will not run this coming week due to the break. However, please still do tune in tomorrow for the premiere of the Tabletop Dragons: Dungeon & Dragons! And tune in to Tori Gilbert’s Spring Break special which will be starting at 6 pm rather than her usual 7pm start time on Wednesdays. The Shugazi Show with Derek Murray will also still be on over break, so tune in Thursday 5-7pm.

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KMSC interviews Nam Wayne

Tune in to to listen to KMSC’s Music Director, Derek Murray interview Nam Wayne on Thursday, March 16th at 5pm. Nam Wayne is a Philadelphia tape-rocker of Scottish Vietnamese ancestry. He began writing his self-titled debut album back in 2005 however the album didn’t drop until February 9th 2017.

You can also tune in on 1500am or 98.1 Dragon Channel.

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KMSC interviews Loya

Tune in Monday, March 13th at 6pm to hear KMSC’s DJ Greg interview LOYA, an alternative rock/metal musician. Feel free to post your questions for LOYA in the discussion section of this event page!

Tune in on, 1500am or on 98.1 Dragon Channel.

LOYA is Nathan Johnson, multi-instrumentalist of the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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NEW SHOW! Tabletop Dragons: Dungeons & Dragons

Tune into KMSC Dragon Radio on for a game of Dungeons and Dragons starting at 3pm on Saturday March 4th! Make sure to tune in every Saturday after because this is a new regular show!
Enter a world full of adventure and magic. Where anything can happen and many stories shall begin. We as warriors, mages and other brave adventurers shall create our own legends in the world of the living and the dead.
Join us at KMSC for Tabletop Dragons a live DnD experience.
Game Master:
Meir Rayne
Cameron Gerrity
Dustin Beck
Cha Vang
And a occasional mystery guest
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KMSC Top 30 Feb 27

  1. STRFKR: Being No One, Going No Where (Synth Pop)
  2. Phantogram: Three (Electronic Rock)
  3. Crying: Beyond the Fleeting Gales (Rock)
  4. Danny Brown: Atrocity Exhibition (Hip Hop/Rap)
  5. Bon Iver: 22, A Million (Indie-tronica)
  6. Fences: To The Tall Trembling Trees (Indie Rock)
  7. A Tribe Called Quest: We got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (Hip Hop/Rap)
  8. The Youngest: See It through (Indie Rock)
  9. Run the Jewels: RTJ3 (Hip Hop/Rap)
  10. The Flaming Lips: Oczy Mlody (Psych Rock)
  11. GOAT: Requiem (Folk Rock)
  12. Kaiser chiefs: Stay together (Indie Rock)
  13. Japanese Wallpaper: Japanese Wallpaper EP (Synth Pop)
  14. Crumb: Crumb (Indie Pop)
  15. Cloud Nothings: Life Without Sound (Rock)
  16. ActiveBirdComunity: Stick Around (Indie Rock)
  17. Kairon;IRSE: Ruination (Progressive Shoegaze)
  18. The dig: Bloodshot Tokyo (Indie Pop)
  19. P.O.S.: Chill, Dummy (Hip Hop/Rap)
  20. AFI: The Blood Album (Punk)
  21. Loya: Aimovoria (Metal)
  22. Crumbsnatchers: Big House (Indie Rock)
  23. Homeshake: Fresh Air (Alt. R&B)
  24. Greyface: Greyola (Rock)
  25. Goofball: Pretty Fishy (Indie Rock)
  26. Xiu Xiu: Forget (Art Pop)
  27. Jesca Hoop: Memories are Now (Folk Pop)
  28. KGatLW: Flying Microtonal Banana (Rock)
  29. Dude York: Sincerely (Rock)
  30. Brasstronaut: Brasstronaut (Indie Rock)


  1. Thundercat: Drunk (Jazz)
  2. BTS: You Never Walk Alone (K-Pop)
  3. R.Stevie Moore: Make It Be (Rock)
  4. Pick a Piper: Distance (Indie Pop)
  5. Vagabon: Infinite Worlds (Indie Rock)


  1. Colony House: Only The Lonely (Indie Rock)
  2. SX: Alphabet (Dream Pop)
  3. Guyana: I Am Inside My Body (Indie Rock)
  4. S.Y.R.E.N.: Love A 1000 Faces (Dream Pop)
  5. gLife: My Rise (Hip Hop/Rap)
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Cha and Derek interview Sims

Cha and Derek will be interviewing Sims (affiliated with Doomtree) at the Aquarium on March 11th. Post your questions for Sims in the discussion section of the Facebook event and they might just ask Sims! Stay tuned for more information as to when you can tune into KMSC Dragon Radio to listen to the interview.


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