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Summer is Almost Over

The new school year is coming up fast and that means KMSC will be back full time very soon! If you are looking to become a DJ or a KMSC member please fill out application and email it to us or drop it off at Flora Frick 239 and we’ll get back to you asap. If you are a returning DJ and want to setup your show times and access please email the station manager at and we’ll get you back on the list. Keep an eye on the web page and we’ll be posting more in the next week!

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Office hours change

We have posted new office hours for our main office. Please check them out on our Contact page if you need to get a hold of anyone. We have also updated our Schedule page for the summer. Please check out our live shows if you have the chance!

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Summer is Here!

Now that Summer has arrived KMSC will be having fewer live shows and limited office hours. If you need to contact us please note that it will be best to e-mail vs. calling. If you have a immediate need please contact Andrew Johnson and he will be able to work something out.

Have a great summer!

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Finals Week Office Hours

It is finals week here at MSUM!

As a result my office hours will be switched up a bit, my plan is to have my office hours:

May 5th 8:15-11:15

May 5th 4:30-6:00

May 8th 11:45-1:45

May 9th 1:45-5:30

These hours are tentative, seeing as finals week can mess up plans.


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KMSC Top 30 5/2

  1. AFI: The Blood Album (Punk)
  2. TENNIS: Yours Conditionally (Indie Rock)
  3. Flagship: The electric Man (Indie Rock)
  4. BTS: You Never Walk Alone (Kpop)
  5. Loya: Aimovoria (Metal)
  6. Sir Was: Digging a Tunnel (Ambient)
  7. Benchmarks: Our Undivided Attention (Punk)
  8. Mount Eerie: A Crow Looked At Me (Indie Folk)
  9. Hurray For The Riff Raff: The Navigator (Folk Rock)
  10. Mastodon: Emperor of Sand (Metal)
  11. Vagabon: Infinite Worlds (Indie Rock)
  12. Japanese Wallpaper: Japanese Wallpaper [EP] (Synth Pop)
  13. Xiu Xiu: Forget (Art Pop)
  14. Tanika Charles: Soul Run (R&B)
  15. S.Y.R.E.N.: Love a 1000 Faces (Dream Pop)
  16. Does Lavender Whales: My Bones are Singing (Indie)
  17. Spoon: Hot Thoughts (Indie Rock)
  18. Father John Misty: Pure Comedy (Indie Folk)
  19. Dawn Richard: Redemption (Pop)
  20. Lift to Experience: The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads (Post Gaze)
  21. Jessica Hoop: Memories are Now (Folk Pop)
  22. Jon Wayne & The Pain: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe (Dub-Reggae)
  23. The Dream Eaters: We Are A Curse (Dream Pop)
  24. Crumbsnatchers: Big House (Indie Rock)
  25. Timber, Timbre: Sincerely, Future Pollution (Indie Rock)
  26. American High: Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement (Indie Rock)
  27. New Pornographers: Whiteout Conditions (Indie Rock)
  28. Tow’rs: Grey Fidelity (Indie Folk)
  29. Steady Holiday: Under the Influence (Indie Pop)
  30. The Get Down Part II (Soundtrack)

!Top 5 Adds!

  1. Sylvan Esso: What Now (Electro Pop)
  2. Mac Demarco: This Old Dog (Indie)
  3. Pinegrove: Everything So Far (Indie Rock)
  4. Sadistik: Altars (Hip Hop/Rap)
  5. VHS Collection: Radio [EP] (Indie Pop)

!New and Notable!

  1. San Cisco: The Water (Indie Pop)
  2. Fish: Another Life [EP] (Pop)
  3. Afghan Wings: In Spades (Rock)
  4. The Wild Now: Afterglow [EP] (Indie Pop)
  5. Hovvy: Taster (Indie Rock)
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Don’t forget the end of the semester ALL DJ MEETING!

Don’t forget to come to today’s meeting.  This meeting is for current DJs to be informed about what has happened throughout the semester and what we expect of the DJs the following year. Come to this meeting so you can sign up for next year’s show time. There will be free pizza, free punch and free cookies!  Or if you are interested in joining KMSC feel free to come to!!! We would love more DJs.  We will meet today in CMU 208 at 4:45pm.


See you there!

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