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Top 5 Adds 2/3/2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.32.04 PM

This week we had some great EP’s come into the station. Halsey, Panic is Perfect, and Sylvia Yacoub are infused with pop-electronic sounds that make you want to sing along. All have their differences though. Halsey, similar to Chvrches and Ellie Goulding, adds rap/hip-hop elements to her music, which helps her stand out from the other electronic-pop female artists. Panic is Perfect, similar to Phoenix, has an indie rock feel with a joyous, upbeat vibe. Sylvia Yacoub, a contestant on The Voice, has a strong soulful voice that can make anyone’s head bop during the upbeat songs on the album. Number Station and Chadwick Stokes are our indie rock music for the week. Number Station has more of a pop-vibe with their driving bass lines and unison “hey’s.” Chadwick Stokes, who’s album was produced by Sam Beam of Iron & Wine, has a great folk-rock sound that has similarity to Iron & Wine as well as Frontier Ruckus.

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