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Top 5 Adds 11/18

1. You + Me – Rose Ave.

2. Mr. Gnome- The Heart of a Dark Star

3. Flake Music- When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return

4. Ryan Hemsworth- Alone For the First Time

5. Aquilo- Human


Received some cool adds this past week. You + Me features Dallas Green of City and Colour and P!nk. Really chill folk sounds coming out of that album. Also received Flake Music, which is James Mercer’s band before he joined the Shins. Also got some dance music in from Ryan Hemsworth, as well as some soulful vocals like Hozier from Aquilo. Last but not least we have indie rock band Mr. Gnome making us feel like we’re a hippie living on a beach. Excited to see which of these gets picked up next week for our Top 30.

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