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Have a great summer!

KMSC is done reporting for the school year and we will be back next year blasting tunes! We finished the year with a busy day of outdoor music! In the afternoon we played music in front of the libary and handed out CDS then later in the day we rolled the live rig over too Dahl and teamed up with DECA’s BBQ and brought some local rappers and threw a quick flash rap show.  It was great way to kick off the summer. Everybody have a great freaking summer.

– Sincerly, The KMSC Heads of Staff- Reno Walker(Station Manager/Music Director), Erik Dale(Station Director) and Michael Hurting(Program Director)


PS Check out Mic Jordan one of the local dudes who came out and played a killer set for us here’s on of his videos, Mic Jordan- Born With It.

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