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KMSC Top 30 (11/20/2012)

1 White Rabbits Milk Famous
2 The Union Electric Time is Gold
3 Wendell Kimbraugh When I Walk Alone
4 Bipolar Bears The Siren
5 Hunter Valentine Collide & Conquer
6 Bear Crossing Our Friend, Hope
7 Lift Off Naked
8 Pantera Vulgar Display of Power
10 Dinosaur Feathers Whistle Tips
11 Joel Rafaele America Come Home
12 Antennas Up The Awkward Phase
13 Chelsea Wolfe Unknown Rooms
14 Torche Harmonicraft
15 Dum Dum Girls End Of Daze
16 The Small Cities With Fire
17 The Sunny Era Lost In The Sea Of Ghosts
18 Alabama Shakes Boys + Girls
19 Iron Maiden En Vivo [Live]
20 Caspian Walking Season
21 Dancing Heals Into The Night [EP]
22 Brite Futures Dark Past
23 Feist Metals
24 The Foreshadowing Second World
25 Striker Armed To The Teeth
26 Grand & Noble Grand & Noble
27 Ty Segall Twins
28 Birds of Chicago Birds of Chicago
29 Brooklyn Brothers The Album
30 Debo Debo Band
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