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Heads of Staff Meeting

There will be a heads of staff meeting tomorrow in the KMSC offices at 1 PM. Feel free to stop by and voice any concerns or thoughts.

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Giveaway Rules. Finally!

Hey everybody sorry about the delay but if you would like a chance to win some swag autographed by Bill Shatner here is what you have to do. Listen in to your favorite college radio station KMSC Dragon Radio during any of our great programs. Then when you hear the DJ talk about the cd or plays a song of the new Bill Shatner album call in and the first person to call will be entered into a drawing to see who walks away with some Bill Shatner merch.

Also for a taste here is Shatner at his finest on the new album Bohemian Shatner

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Head of Staff Meeting 9-27-11

There will be a heads of staff meeting for KMSC Dragon Radio on Tuesday September 27th at noon in the KMSC Station Office. We will be discussing a variety of issues relating to the station including show programming, station responsibilities, and other assorted issues. If you would like to stop by and voice any concerns feel free to since the meeting is open to everyone.

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Fall 2011 Programming Overview

KMSC is extremely proud of this year’s fall programming, we have a wide variety of great DJs with music and thoughts to share. We have over 50 hours of programming each week full of great music and quality shows. Here’s a brief rundown of our programming and what to expect from it. Check our schedule to find out when to tune in!

Denim & Leather with Benni Kuehne – Heavy Metal twice a week ranging from classics to brand new recordings.

VGTunes with Dustin Johnson and Josh Kruger – Videogame Music specialty show, tune in for originals, arrangements, and chiptunes with a new theme each week.

Hospice-Tality with Luke Safely – Playing everything with attitude, Luke spins anything from punk rock to indie, playing 2/3 of each show straight from his own vinyl collection.

Stolen Fortunes with Ben Curry – Variety show with varying amounts of talking and music, tune in for shenanigans, crazy discussions, and all kinds of music anywhere from cool to hilarious.

Rockin’ Through the Ages with Rod Hadland – Certified Classic Rock expert Rod “The Bod” Hadland plays his favorite cuts of classic rock each week.

Jurossic Park with Ross Peterson – Your casual Friday variety talk show, you have no idea what to expect when you tune in but you know it’s gonna have style and hilarious co-hosts.

Tha Lair – MSUM’s college athletics show with scores, interviews, and news. Follow every step the Dragons take every Thursday morning.

Air-Rik Live with Erik Dale – Listen to the hottest mixes on campus with KMSC’s professional live DJ Air-Rik.

Awkward Zone Defeated with Matt Eckholm – A variety music show with style and class, tunes and words you won’t want to miss.

Simple Simon’s Simple Hour with Aaron Simon – Your afternoon fix of great music from a KMSC veteran.

Grandpa Leko Storytime with Michael Leko – An afternoon series of tales and tunes from a man with experience.

Stream of Consciousness with Joe Kosterman – A wide variety of music that follows no theme or pattern, just sit back and give it a listen.

The Rubix Cube with Desiree Miller – A variety of popular and alternative music from all over the world! Tune in to hear international music you can’t find anywhere else.

The Country Music Show with Ben Atkinson – Listen to some home-grown country music with our england-grown DJ Ben Atkinson.

DJ Sentiō – Listen to the mixes of KMSC’s talented live DJ Jordan Walker. A rich mix of electronic music you can dance to every week.

DJ Spidey – A variety of rock music tailored for the college audience with Ryan Brandt.

Circuit Board Sound with Brent Mathisen – A wide variety of great music ranging from chill to harsh with a new theme each week. Another taste of music that only infiltrates the airwaves via KMSC.

Synthetic Perfection with Meredith McLinn – Filling in the late night shift with great electronic music that you can’t hear anywhere else. Guaranteed to keep you from falling asleep too early.

Straub Hour with Darin Straub – One hour each weekend the Straub Man comes at you with a new theme, some new words, and some interviews with interesting people from the Fargo-Moorhead community.

Music Buffet with Reno Walker – Arrive hungry because you’re gonna be full of delicious tunes and information by the time you’re finished. Don’t miss Reno’s 7 facts at 7.

Soul Sounds with Lyle Jorgenson – Whatever Lyle feels like playing that week, it could be anything, but it’s gonna be good.


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Need a DJ?

One of our biggest goals this year at KMSC is to satisfy any kind of live music need at MSUM. We would like to publicly announce that we have several experienced DJs ready to prepare and play professional-level DJ sets to suit the needs of any dance or gathering. We would encourage any group or organization who needs a live DJ to think of Dragon Radio first and send us an email at We are equipped to perform anywhere and can set up with only a few days notice. Contact us for more information on our DJs and their live music experience.

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Salsa Dance Bootcamp

KMSC Dragon Radio is helping out the Salsa Dance Club of Fargo-Moorhead this week with event news and an interview with Greta Hazer and Jae Phillips. Listen to our interview about salsa dancing, how you can do it, and why you should.

Make sure to catch them on September 16th and 17th at Sunset Lanes’ Dance Studio, 620 Highway 75 N., Moorhead, MN, 56560. There’s a discount rate at $50 for students, for the ENTIRE WEEKEND!

For information and to pre-register, contact and

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