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Hey everyone if you are an interested DJ and would like to set up a time to record your liner or have any other concerns or you just want to talk go ahead and click on there you can sign up for a specific time and we’ll be glad to help. NOTE: you need a FREE GOOGLE ACCOUNT to sign up. We apologize if this causes any headaches but it’s the simplest and most efficient way to manage our time. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

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T-Shirts! they even have stuff on them!!!

T-SHIRT UPDATES: Hey DJ’s do you like being awesome? Do you like shirts? Do you like parting with $15 cash money? If you answered yes too all three of these then email us at with how many you want and of what size and we’ll bring them to the meeting! Please cash only because checks are lame and I don’t have a credit card scanner 🙁

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KMSC All-DJ Meeting

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Holy Heads of Staff Schedules Batman!!! Also All DJ meeting time

That’s right boys and girls we have our Heads of Staff Schedules posted! Also there is a copy posted below. And if you’re interested in knowing when KMSC is set to blast the airwaves with awesome come join us for donuts in CMU 101 for our ALL DJ MEETING Sept. 11 at 7PM. Come for the Donuts…stay for the music…or more donuts. HOS Calendar

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Summer Break

With the semester over, we are off the air for the summer.
But do not worry! We’ll be back at the beginning of Fall semester!

If you’re interested in becoming a DJ for next semester, just stop by the station and pick up/drop off an application.

Otherwise we’ll see you all again in August!

– Benjamin

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KMSC Top 30 – CMJ Issue 1246

1 BLACK KEYS El Camino Nonesuch
2 DINOSAUR FEATHERS Whistle Tips Ernest Jenning
3 WE ARE AUGUSTINES Rock The Vote [EP] Oxcart-Votiv
4 CLOUD CONTROL Bliss Release Turnout
5 HUNX Hairdresser Blues Hardly Art
6 BEAR CROSSING Our Friend, Hope Self-Released
7 FUN Some Nights Fueled By Ramen
10 OBERHOFER Time Capsules II Glassnote
11 CANCER BATS Dead Set On Living Metal Blade
12 GRAND AND NOBLE Grand And Noble
13 RE:GENERATION The Re:Generation Music Project ATO
14 YANN TIERSEN Skyline Anti
15 LIFTOFF Sunday Morning Airplay Fort Knox
16 BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB A Different Kind Of Fix A&M-Octone
17 SCAN HOPPER Scan Hopper 2 Self-Released
18 PINK MINK Pink Mink little veronica
19 BRITE FUTURES Dark Past Turnout
20 ITALIAN JAPANESE Italian Japanese Self-Released
21 LONELY KAMEL Dust Devil Napalm
22 ARCHIE POWELL AND THE EXPORTS Great Ideas In Action Good Land
23 FOX DERBY Life Apart Tinderbox
24 WEAVER AT THE LOOM Before Now Was Then Self-Released
25 CAVEMAN CoCo Beware Magic Man
26 DAWN OF VALOR Immortal Flame
27 SMALL CITIES With Fire Princess
28 JORDAN LAKE Consistency
29 ANDREW BIRD Break It Yourself Mom And Pop
30 COKE WEED Nice Dreams Self-Released
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