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Hey look it’s KMSC NEWS!

Hey all guess what? OUR STREAMING WORKS….well mostly. The itunes download link now works but unfortunate the browser player is still giving our techs a hard time. We will let you know when that portion is fixed. For now enjoy the itunes playlist download and all its streaming goodness!

SPECIAL NOTES: 1. We are in desperate need for a volunteer for a News Corespondent. If you wish to take this job (5 hours a week with a fancy key) Please email us and let us know.
2. The first wave of keys has successfully landed in the hands of our DJ’s. If the key office hasn’t emailed you about a key yet, they will shortly.
As always we will update you as things progress. Take care and enjoy the week!

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Just a Wee Update

Hello everyone, just to keep you guys (and gals) informed on what’s going down at KMSC. This week we began recording liners and thus far have been very happy with the turnout. The first round of key requests has been sent out as of wednesday and hopefully the mighty key office will get those DJs the keys they long for.

LINERS: Please either sign up for a timeslot at (need FREE google account to do so) or stop in during our office hours. If neither of these options works for you please email us so we can make special arrangements.

We wish you all a happy weekend and look forward to seeing more of you for liner recording and getting your shows started!

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An Article On One of Our International DJ’s!

Minnesota State University Moorhead’s Dragon Digest published an article about on of our international DJ’s Zahra.

The link below directs you to an article speaking about KMSC’s own Zahra and her experience as a part of Dragon Radio.

Dragon Radio is a student organization providing the opportunity for students of all backgrounds to experience radio broadcasting

first hand. This is an example of us doing just that. KMSC extends a special thank you to Zahra for an awesome radio show on our

radio station and we were happy to have her as a part of our organization!

“Students at Minnesota State University Moorhead got an unexpected ‘Journey to Pakistan’ this past semester, thanks to a young Pakistani woman, Zahra, who found her public voice after coming to the U.S.”

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Hey everyone if you are an interested DJ and would like to set up a time to record your liner or have any other concerns or you just want to talk go ahead and click on there you can sign up for a specific time and we’ll be glad to help. NOTE: you need a FREE GOOGLE ACCOUNT to sign up. We apologize if this causes any headaches but it’s the simplest and most efficient way to manage our time. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

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T-Shirts! they even have stuff on them!!!

T-SHIRT UPDATES: Hey DJ’s do you like being awesome? Do you like shirts? Do you like parting with $15 cash money? If you answered yes too all three of these then email us at with how many you want and of what size and we’ll bring them to the meeting! Please cash only because checks are lame and I don’t have a credit card scanner 🙁

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KMSC All-DJ Meeting

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