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KMSC All DJ Meeting

KMSC is having a all DJ and info meeting Sept 8th in Maclean Hall at 4:30pm. There will be pizza and snacks so come on by, have a bite to eat and find out about KMSC!… Read More

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CD Giveaways!

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On Tuesday we did some tabling at the CMU to give away CD’s and stickers. Needless to say, students love free stuff! We will be in the CMU until 2 today and will be tabling Monday from 11:00 to 1:30 … Read More

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T-Shirts! they even have stuff on them!!!

T-SHIRT UPDATES: Hey DJ’s do you like being awesome? Do you like shirts? Do you like parting with $15 cash money? If you answered yes too all three of these then email us at with how many you want … Read More

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Holy Heads of Staff Schedules Batman!!! Also All DJ meeting time

That’s right boys and girls we have our Heads of Staff Schedules posted! Also there is a copy posted below. And if you’re interested in knowing when KMSC is set to blast the airwaves with awesome come join us for … Read More

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Heads of Staff Meeting

There will be a heads of staff meeting tomorrow at 1 P.M at the KMSC office. Anyone is welcome to stop by and give input or feedback. Have a great weekend.… Read More

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Need a DJ?

One of our biggest goals this year at KMSC is to satisfy any kind of live music need at MSUM. We would like to publicly announce that we have several experienced DJs ready to prepare and play professional-level DJ sets … Read More

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