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KMSC Interviews The MSUM Anime Club

KMSC is proud to be interviewing another organization that strives in spreading awareness of a culture not as familiar to many.

The MSUM Anime Club strives to spread not only awareness about Japanese entertainment through animation, but to also showcase the love of geek and nerd culture to many. Thus, creating a club/organization that helps bring many people together who have similar interest whether it’s anime or just nerd culture in general. Besides watching anime, The MSUM Anime Club has also done events such as a field trip to Anime conventions like Anime Detour and organizing their own conventions such as Moarcon.

KMSC is proud to be interviewing such a magnificent group that strives in showing how amazing Nerd culture can really be!


You can check it out on, on the dial at 1500am or Dragon Channel 97.5 and 98.1 in the residence halls of MSUM.

Visit our Facebook Event Page for more information and to post your questions for MSUM Anime Club on the discussion section of our event page.

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