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KMSC Interviews the Kawa Tatsu Yosakoi Dance Group

The purpose of the Kawa Tatsu Yosakoi Dance organization is to learn and choreograph our own Yosakoi routines, or, with the permission of other groups, learn their routines. We shall then share what we have learned with others through dance performances on campus, at cultural events, or through workshops at conventions and cultural events. (From Dragon Central).

KMSC is proud to be interviewing the Kawa Tatsu Yosakoi Dance Organization as well as explore the realms of this fascinating traditional dance from the far east. YOSAKOI YOSAKOI YOSAKOI!


You can check it out on, on the dial at 1500am or Dragon Channel 97.5 and 98.1 in the residence halls of MSUM.

Visit our Facebook Event Page for more information and to post your questions for the Yosakoi group on the discussion section of our event page.


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