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KMSC interviews Famous by February

Mark you calendars!

Tune in Tuesday, October 31st at 9am c.t. to hear our Music Director Derek Murray (Film Production major) interview Famous By February, an indie rock/pop band from Atlanta.

If you like the Pixies, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or the White Stripes you might also like Famous By February.

Listen on, on the dial at 1500 am, or Dragon Channel 97.5 and 98.1 in the residence halls of MSUM.

Post your questions for Famous By February in the discussion section of our Facebook page.

Famous By February’s description reads…
Famous By February is a four piece band with a clean live sound! Consisting JRho on drums and keys with and ear to keep everyone in time, Chad Jones picking ,thumping and strumming all those deep tones out on bass guitar, Harold Bituin adding smooth ambient and strong rock rhythms on guitar and Bethany Grace as the youngest member of the band but with an amazing powerful but full range in her vocals providing FBF with its voice …The band put together in April of 2013 has played at several venues across their hometown of Atlanta Ga , gathering support from a large fan base locally. All four members are talented musicians and songwriters bringing together a variety of originals to create a performance everyone could appreciate.

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