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KMSC Top 30 Feb 27

  1. STRFKR: Being No One, Going No Where (Synth Pop)
  2. Phantogram: Three (Electronic Rock)
  3. Crying: Beyond the Fleeting Gales (Rock)
  4. Danny Brown: Atrocity Exhibition (Hip Hop/Rap)
  5. Bon Iver: 22, A Million (Indie-tronica)
  6. Fences: To The Tall Trembling Trees (Indie Rock)
  7. A Tribe Called Quest: We got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (Hip Hop/Rap)
  8. The Youngest: See It through (Indie Rock)
  9. Run the Jewels: RTJ3 (Hip Hop/Rap)
  10. The Flaming Lips: Oczy Mlody (Psych Rock)
  11. GOAT: Requiem (Folk Rock)
  12. Kaiser chiefs: Stay together (Indie Rock)
  13. Japanese Wallpaper: Japanese Wallpaper EP (Synth Pop)
  14. Crumb: Crumb (Indie Pop)
  15. Cloud Nothings: Life Without Sound (Rock)
  16. ActiveBirdComunity: Stick Around (Indie Rock)
  17. Kairon;IRSE: Ruination (Progressive Shoegaze)
  18. The dig: Bloodshot Tokyo (Indie Pop)
  19. P.O.S.: Chill, Dummy (Hip Hop/Rap)
  20. AFI: The Blood Album (Punk)
  21. Loya: Aimovoria (Metal)
  22. Crumbsnatchers: Big House (Indie Rock)
  23. Homeshake: Fresh Air (Alt. R&B)
  24. Greyface: Greyola (Rock)
  25. Goofball: Pretty Fishy (Indie Rock)
  26. Xiu Xiu: Forget (Art Pop)
  27. Jesca Hoop: Memories are Now (Folk Pop)
  28. KGatLW: Flying Microtonal Banana (Rock)
  29. Dude York: Sincerely (Rock)
  30. Brasstronaut: Brasstronaut (Indie Rock)


  1. Thundercat: Drunk (Jazz)
  2. BTS: You Never Walk Alone (K-Pop)
  3. R.Stevie Moore: Make It Be (Rock)
  4. Pick a Piper: Distance (Indie Pop)
  5. Vagabon: Infinite Worlds (Indie Rock)


  1. Colony House: Only The Lonely (Indie Rock)
  2. SX: Alphabet (Dream Pop)
  3. Guyana: I Am Inside My Body (Indie Rock)
  4. S.Y.R.E.N.: Love A 1000 Faces (Dream Pop)
  5. gLife: My Rise (Hip Hop/Rap)
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