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Top 5 Adds 11/11/2014

1. TV On the Radio- Seeds

2. Royksopp- The Inevitable End

3. Lena Fayre- Oko

4. Close Talker- Flux

5. Dolly Spartans- Self Titled


Had some great CD’s sent our way this past week. It was difficult coming up with a Top 5 Adds, however I think we did pretty good! One of my personal favorites is Royksopp. I’ve been jamming to his song Monument featuring Robyn for the past month, so I was excited to see that we received the album. As expected, TV On the Radio’s album is amazing! Their song Happy Idiot has been playing everywhere and has gotten them some great success so far. The rest of their songs on the album are just as great and will keep launching them into fame. Newcomers Lena Fayre, Close Talker, and Dolly Spartans definitely caught my ears’ attention. Lena has a sultry, powerful voice and such poppy/catchy songs. Close Talker has a great indie rock sound with some wonderful tracks on their album. And last but not least the Dolly Spartans come in with their garage rock, Jack White sound to round off our Top 5. Don’t be surprised to see all five of these artists on our Top 30 next week!

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