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Top 30 11/4/2014

1. The Left Ready- The Left Ready EP

2. OK GO- Hungry Ghosts

3. Black Taxi- Electroshock Death Grip

4. The Orwells- Disgraceland

5. Royal Blood- Royal Blood

6. Lotus Effect- Totality

7. Rise Against- The Black Market

8. Broods- Evergreen

9. Caribou- Our Love

10. S- Cool Choices

11. King Tuff- Black Moon Spell

12. The Growlers- Chinese Fountain

13. Cobalt Cranes

14. The Heroes Lie- Angels Wear Armor

15. Grace Weber- The Refinery

16. Odesza- In Return

17. Night Terrors in 1927- Anything to Anyone

18. Elliphant- One More

19. James Willaimson- Re-Licked

20. Zella Day- Zella Day

21. The Interlopers- Johnny Eyebrows

22. Nikki Yanofsky- Little Secret

23. Mansions on the Moon- Mansions on the Moon

24. Loveskills- Pures

25. Until the Ribbon Breaks- Until the Ribbon Breaks

26. Aroara- In the Pines

27. Francisco the Man!- Loose Ends

28. Magic Bronson- Wildlife

29. Flight Facilities- Down to Earth

30. Meiko- Dear You


As expected OK GO’s new album, Hungry Ghosts shot right up to the top in our charts this past week. Expecting this one to stay at the top for awhile with their catchy tunes. The Left Ready took our number one spot this week. These guys have been slowly climbing our charts and have finally peaked at the top. We had a chance to interview the band this week and will be posting up a podcast of it on our website soon! Our rock guys have been spinning Royal Blood, Lotus Effect, Rise Against, and The Heroes Lie like crazy. These four bands will be sticking around for awhile! New to our list we have some electronic bands: Meiko, Mansions on the Moon, Loveskills, and Flight Facilities. We also added a couple new rock albums: James Williamson and Francisco the Man! This next week it will be interesting to see if the Left Ready can keep their lead above OK GO!

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