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Top 30 for 4/22/2014

  1. Tokyo Police Club- Forcefield

  2. Cloud Cult- Unplug

  3. Heathers- Kingdom

  4. RAC-  Strangers

  5. Arctic Monkeys

  6. Yuca- Rebuilding the Fallen Empire

  7. Real Estate- Atlas

  8. Neil Finn- Dizzy Heights

  9. Graham Colton- Lonely Ones

  10. Goodbye- June

  11. Tycho- Awake

  12. Sam Roberts Band- Lo-Fantasy

  13. Sally Seltmann- Hey Daydreamer

  14. Augestines- Audestines

  15. Jeremy Messersmith- Heart Murmurs

  16. St. Vincent- St. Vincent

  17. Joywave- How Do You Feel?

  18. Tog- Feiring

  19. Beck- Morning Phase

  20. The Jezabels

  21. Together PANGEA- Badallic

  22. Hold Steady

  23. Sleeper Agent- About Last Night

  24. Genders- Get Lost

  25. Your Friend- Jekyll/Hyde

  26. Concord America- Suns Out Guns Out

  27. Night Terrors of 1927- Guilty Pleas EP

  28. Beaty Heart- Mixed Blessings

  29. Fujiya & Miyagi- Artificial Sweeteners

  30. Cloud Nothings- Here and Nowhere

Top 5 Adds for the week:

1. To Kill A King- Cannibals with Cutlery

2. TEEN- The Way & Color

3. Amatus- Broken Compass

4. Woods- With Light and Love

5. 3 Parts Dead- 3 Parts Dead EP

As you probably expected, Tokyo Police Club went straight to the top of our charts. Cloud Cult, Heathers, Niel Finn, and (of course) the Arctic Monkeys have been hitting with us pretty well this week in particular. We got some exciting new adds in our Top 5 this week, including To Kill A King, and the wonderfully trippy sounding TEEN. We only got a couple weeks left, and so far, we’re going out with a bang this spring semester. Tune in to Dragon Radio online, or on the dial at 1500 AM for more up and coming music goodness.

– Nick

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