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Update of Awesome with LAZERS!

Hey everyone, this is your friendly neighborhood station manager Jared with a weekly update (my lasers are broked).
First order of business: We have set up a bi-weekly heads of staff meeting to occur EVERY OTHER FRIDAY at 2PM. That means today ( OCT. 26) and again on Nov. 9. Now you may be saying to yourself “Good for you…why should I care?” Well the reason you should care is that with all the Heads of staff in one place (the office) you can bring to our attention any and all problems, concerns, irrational fears and bad ideas for sitcoms you wish! With all the heads of staff together we can put our minds together and solve your problems faster (and hopefully figure out how to become VOLTRON)
Second order of business: Our top 30 is up and running and we are pleased to see that you guys are playing our music. Remember the more of our top 30 you incorporate into your show the happier the labels become, with happy labels we can expand the amount of music we receive and the variety so keep it up.
Third business of order : WE WILL BE HOSTING ELECTIONS FOR MUSIC DIRECTOR SOON!!!!!! If you want to run for music director there are only a handful of requirements. 1. You have to have been a DJ with KMSC for one semester prior to your submission. 2. you need to have a rudimentary understanding of music. 3. you have to be able to devote 10 hrs PER WEEK to KMSC 4. you have to have phone skills as much of your time will be spent talking to label executives.

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