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EhrmahGerd The Heads of Staff have faces!!!

Here is Ben…he’s our Music Director and totally German…as in from Germany. He even knows German, and English. He will sadly be leaving KMSC this December so if you want to get trained by Ben please submit an email to KMSC stating that you wish to run for the position with a brief Resume and we’ll send you a detailed guide describing everything you will be required to do as Music Director. Ben would also like to remind you guys that their is a MASSIVE tote full of unreviewed CD’s. As DJ’s you signed the paperwork stating you’d review a couple a week and that’s all we want. If you haven’t picked up a couple CD’s this week please do so.

This is Erik… He’s our station director and is uhhh….of German-ish decent…maybe. He’s here to let you know that the KMSC BASEMENT PARTY was a rousing success and is glad you guys came in to show your support. He would also like to tell you that we still have positions open for a GRAPHIC DESIGNER and a NEWS CORRESPONDENT! These positions require very little time (5hrs a week) and will look fantastic on a resume. Email us back at to let him know if you are interested.

This is Michael…he uhhh…he can totally spell German…. even with a pen. Michael is the Program Director for KMSC and is basically a DJ affairs expert. Michael is here to help you all understand how the equipment works in the station and how to use it properly. Michael would like to remind everyone that you can email us at any time and we’ll do whatever we can to help you with your problems.
Lastly and with the largest pic is ME!!!! I am Jared your Station Manager. I am the one behind the scenes making sure the paperwork is done and the fires are put out week to week to keep this place up and running. Also sometimes I eat candy. I am more than willing to help you guys as much as I can and if you ever need me feel free to email us or drop in during my office hours. I do realize that my office hours a little inconvenient for some of you this semester but once November rolls around my hours will change and Hopefully I can better serve a larger DJ population in doing that.

Couple things I want to say before I leave you guys for the weekend. 1. please review CD’s, we need this accomplished so we can finish assembling the TOP 30 for you. 2. We need a new music director (Ben will be your personal German Yoda, teaching you the ways of the musical force) for next semester and we’ll announce election night in the next week once we have a venue assigned.

That’s all for now have a great weekend!

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