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New Heads of Staff!

Good news, everyone!

We have two new Heads of Staff who are already working very hard to keep KMSC as strong as ever. Jason Uphoff is our new Station Manager, and Dustin Johnson is our new Program Director. Jason is very experienced in the world of mass communications and will put his expansive knowledge into improving the station, while Dustin has great experience with recording, editing, and streaming which we can utilize for GREAT ways to broadcast, such as online streaming, video streaming, and podcasting. Jason, Dustin, Elise and I (Ross) will all post finalized office hours (and a wealth of them!) in the studio so anyone can contact us very shortly.

Just a reminder, if you need help with the equipment in the studio or setting things up, talk to Dustin or Ross. If you are looking to apply, talk to Dustin. Any promotional needs or ideas go to Ross. Music needs? Talk to Elise.  Any questions about anything else? Feel free to talk to any of us! We’re always here to make your radio experience here at KMSC as awesome as humanly possible.

On a final note, we are currently updating the Top 30 (Thank you for being patient, all) and will be having a Heads of Staff meeting on Tuesday, March 1st. Anyone can feel free to join in on this meeting if you have ideas, questions or concerns. More on this soon!

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